Dorne Fund Management Organization, Singapore

The internationally renowned institution with full license for blockchain finance

Its business covers all over the world: Singapore, Thailand, New York, Japan, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, China, etc.

Issued by the monetary authority of Singapore (MAS) CMS capital market service licence

Its main business direction: various investments in the blockchain, ICO currency management in digital currency, hedge fund trading, and the landing of blockchain application.

Six cores

Build a global shared blockchain system with open source program, resource sharing, non rewritable and decentralization

Public blockchain of Global Sharing Mechanism, World's Top Blockchain Technology

Super artificial intelligence brain, profit is in the most stable curve value

Close position mechanism, underweight mechanism, to ensure the platform’s zero loss

Full position and separated position modes can be switched to prevent price manipulation

Adjustable cycle, adjustable leverage ratio, support for sustainable contracts

Memory matching, 50,000 TPS per transaction type


It takes independent investment research, primary market and secondary market linkage as investment strategy, and technology as guidance to establish industry influence.


An International Well-known Institution with Full License for Blockchain Finance


The Global Travel Public Blockchain CTC developed by DORNE and GEEK Laboratory in the United States


DORNE and China Huangshan Fucun Group issued FC sidechain


DORNE joined hands with Wall Street's Alpha Quantification Team


DORNE and Luxembourg's Grand Duchy Luxembourg Radio and Television Company Issue RTL Sidechain


DORNE and Frankfurt Becht Travel Company Issue SYL Sidechain

CTC.Cultural Travel Chain

It focuses on the public blockchain mapping of the cultural tourism industry resources, and is dedicated to creating a global shared blockchain system with open source programs, shared resources, tamper proof and decentralized functions for the global cultural tourism industry.Based on the core technology of the blockchain, the cultural tourism public blockchain has issued 1 billion tokens CTC in constant quantities, which are on the the cultural tourism public blockchain.For the fuel used to run the application, the token has all relevant rights and interests such as dividends and voting. DPOS consensus mechanism is adopted to account for the currency. Nine super nodes are set up worldwide to serve all members of the cultural and tourism community.

Team Member

Dorne fund management organization team.


Co-founder and COO


Network security and co-founder


Global operations

An intelligent transaction developed by DORNE and Alpha quantification team, has global core competitiveness.

1. Set up professional network equipment and set up special lines in major exchanges around the world to double the trading speed. When the market is captured, the transaction can be completed quickly without any delay.

2. Combining several quantitative indicators, while monitoring the turnover of capital volume in the secondary market in real time, it makes accurate judgment on the market situation through established indicators and sends out signals of bull and Bear Index. No gap at will, and no blind buying when share price rises.

3. The new developed algorithm dog has super-high calculation power and pays close attention to every profit point.

4. Multi-transaction model implantation: multi-strategy combination can complement each other and win in stability.

◆Basis Trading

Basis also called period is arbitrage. Difference of forward basis arbitrage and reverse arbitrage. And the digital currency spot price ups and downs, and between the futures basis often appear large deviation. A suitable basis arbitrage.